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Gillette is an American brand of safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies, owned by the multi-national corporation Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Mark says, "Maybe 1-3 shaves per [Gillette] blade now and razor burns galore. Not to mention the outrageous cost. Razor burns are now very common. After 55 years of shaving...I'm going to either grow a beard or find a different company."


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Обслуживающий персонал (Former Employee) says

"До карантина да, работать хорошо было, оплата минимальная но есть переработки. Отношения к украинцам как к животным . На обслуживание машин работа ад, по 20км бегаешь за смену. Карьерного роста здесь нет."

Obsługa linii produkcyjnej (Former Employee) says

"Firma bardzo się zmieniła na przestrzeni lat, priorytety się zmieniły i jakość produktów nie ma już dla nich większego znaczenia.seksizm, rasizm"

Quality Inspector/Assembler (Former Employee) says

"• Manage security cage which held the valuables • Unload trucks and distribute mail to carrier stations • Data entry ; placing holds on customers mail"

USA Shaving Division - Senior Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"good company but senior mgmt sold division ran the company in to the ground. nice people but issues on how to spend on of equipment was the downfall."

pracownik produkcji (Former Employee) says

"Dużo miejsc pracy, głównie zatrudnienie znajdują tam UkraińcyTanie jedzenie w bufecieDaleko od centrum"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"It feels like the company is run by a big computer. Continuous reductions in head count to reduce cost."

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"The days were long, 6 am - 5 pm.I learned about safety.Management was poor, I wasn't told what to do throughout the day. I was left wandering around and then got told off for it.Co-workers were in cliques so they didn't act very friendly towards new employees.Hardest part of the job was probably finding somewhere to eat that was cheap and offerslong hours"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at work was long and stressful i was younger then so i couldn't complain with the pay, it was pretty good at that time and management was pretty good"

ayudante general (Former Employee) says

"diria que es buena enpresa pero no me gusto la administracion de trabajo para el empleadosino3"

Industrial Maintenance Technician (Current Employee) says

"Sad to say, people who don’t know the business, don’t the process, don’t understand the people or the flow of work, or the machines, these people, are unfortunately making business based decisions that are driving the business into the ground. Despite the excellent, relentless effort of the overworked, understaffed technicians, things are not only not improving, but worsening by the day. Truly heartbreaking that a great American product, in a great American city, made by hardworking American people, is being compromised by the greed and misguided selfish paths of the poor excuses for managers currently working there.Compensation...slightly.Too many to list. Let’s begin with foolish managers..."

Information Technology Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Working at Gillette was not a bad experience. None the less I consider it average working there overall because your are doing the same thing every day.Get Discounts on Gillette ProductsMundane work"

Technology leader Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A typical day started with several meetings collaborating on multiple projects, risk assessments, timing, key issues, resources and funding. The importance of open and shared communication is the key to success. Having a common stored updated project plan transparent to everyone associated with a project and the plan has actionable task assigned to each responsible person or persons associated with each task. Management needed to be reduced and the workforce needed to be increased for the 10% headcount reduction that was required by corporate. Workplace culture was improving until critical headcount reduction reached unproductive capability. The hardest part of the job was working with limited and constant reduction to resources. Working! and being productive was the most enjoyable part of the jobProfit sharing, 401KHealthcare downgrades, resource reduction, competition taking profit sharing and overall moral"

pracownik pomocniczy produkcji (Former Employee) says

"Warunki socjalne tej firmy są bardzo dobre,ale system cztero-brygadowy raczej niewielką opłatą1400"

Contractor (Razor Inspector) says

"Working at Gillette was something that I never experiences before. The work environment was very fast and loud. There was about of people with different backgrounds, which made the workplace very diverse.N/aLoud"

Expatriate Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I have not worked here in a long time but my experience there was great. Nice people, nice work environment. Friendly demeanor and mediocre pay. I would recommend ok."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The work was very interesting. High tech equipment and lots of opportunities to learn new skills. Some of the machines were cutting edge technology which made the job challenging and interesting."

repositor (Former Employee) says

"Mi trabajo era visitar los supermercados a reponer Tomar la ruta y evaluar segun la distancia y los horarios que super visitar primero. Llegaba,presentaba mi credencial, iba al deposito y llevaba a la gondola los productos a reponerTrabajo en blancoFalta de unificacion de criterios"

Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Help with the daily, weekly and monthly tasks such as inventory database maintenance and accounting reason-ability of the financial information"

pakowacz (Former Employee) says

"fajna praca i przyjemne ludzie polecamm ta prace pozdrawiam"

Territory Salesman (Former Employee) says

"Gillette compensates employees well. Employees are evaluated on a regular basis in terms of performance, skills and knowledge."

philipc57 says

"For the 3rd time now I’ve ordered blades from Gillette and there’s been a problem with delivery. Each time I’ve had emails telling me courier delivering today but then I got an email there was no one in when trying to deliver. No one knocked on my door! Contacted customer services who just weren’t interested. So my advice is get your blades from Boots or your local supermarket or do as I did and change over to Harry’s. Terrible company to do business with."


"I feel like I have been conned I place an order online on the 13th and I received it on the 18th (Order Number: 250807007) I ordered :2x Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill Razor Blades (10 Blades)£20.10 each I recieved :2x GILLETTE FUSION5 PROGLIDE RAZOR BLADES (10 BLADES) £18.09 each I went online and chated to Liam and I told him that I had to open both boxes to see that they are the wrong products AS A GOODWILL GESTURE, he send me a return note I placed another order (Order Number: 251986142)and the same thing happened again! now I am over £80 short and Gillette will be kind enough to send me another return note, AS A GOODWILL GESTURE I shot myself twice in the foot and done the same mistake twice trusting the world No1 shaving producer 1- how bad is Gillette online website 2- person on the chat is dealing with 3-5 customer at the same time 3- the phone line is an anserwing machine really they should feel a shame they just lost a 40 years customer"

Alice says

"After returning an unopened subscription of blades will full approval and acceptance of the return by head office ive still not got a refund. I was happy to pay my own postage for the return and ive had an email saying the return had been received 3 weeks ago, still nothing. Now I’m down £13.50 and dont have anything to show for it ☹️☹️"

Gareth Thomas says

"Part of my order was missing. It took long enough for it to be delivered. Now I have to wait another 3-4 days for them to investigate."

Matt from Rhode Island says

"Gillette's website for online ordering of razors, etc. to be delivered to one's home is sub standard. It is poorly structured and extremely frustrating to deal with and navigate through. Even the simple task of merely changing the credit card that I was using for my subscription was maddening and completely un-intuitive. Also, the hyperlinks do not actually bring you to the area of the website you have clicked on to enter, but returns you to the area you thought you were clicking out of. Good razors, lousy, disappointing, frustrating website experience, particularly for such a large company."

Michael says

"I don’t feel Like my call is important I’ve been shut down, not return phone calls and promised in 15 minutes that Rhonda would call me back here it is the next day and I have to call again! This has been the worst online experience of my life anybody I see I will not tell them to buy from Gillette..."

ben says

"Expensive, non-interchangable razors with overly "secure" containers that jam regularly, Gillette survives on name recognition alone. Their product is of completely medium quality, with poor customer service and a myriad of different options surrounded in obfuscation. If you wade through it's poor product packaging, unclear branding and buzzword laden descriptions, you are rewarded with a razor that is... fine. It's nothing special. I hope you're looking forward to paying 7 more dollars for 3 razor heads next month."

customer says

"Gillette advertise a deal on there website but when checking out it isn’t added. Simple thing for customer services to rectify right ? Wrong ! After several emails to them and getting nowhere , they have not even bothered replying to my last email after asking for more info of deal , they should surely Already be aware of or at least it would have been quicker for them to just look into it from there end . I’m only trying to spend money with them but now I’m not!"

David Clark says

"I bought the new king c Gillette safety razor I watched reviews on utube and it looked good after four shaves now I'm giving up and going back to mack three the safety razor tears your face to bits blood everywhere I've been shaving over fifty years and never cut myself as much after using the safety razor"

Pete says

"Late delivery and only partially delivered. Despite saying on website all items in stock. No communication about partial delivery leaving me to chase up. Still don't have a delivery date. Loyal customer for 40 years. Testing my loyalty now."

Mr Campbell says

"Used Gillette products since adolescence, three years ago I moved over to wet shaving and have never looked back. Now I realise that Gillette fleeced me for decades by locking me into their cartridge system. Since moving over to a DE safety razor and blades, I have saved a fortune and have the best shaves of my life. No more razor rash or razor bumps caused by Gillette's multi blade cartridges."

torri Probst says

"The blades aren't half as good as they use to be. It like they moved their work shop to CHINA"

Steeldriver says

"Gillette has ruined its customer base by taking a political stance and agenda against men. The ad would not be so bad, except that only men are targeted. No commercial can be found preaching against anything related to any of its products on motherhood, feminine challenges or female misconceptions. Woke or broke."

Verne P. says

"For years I've been purchasing the Gillette Mach3 sensitive razors two packs at a time. However, /I'm looking for a replacement of this product because after I use one razor to shave my face and my head, like many others complaints the blade gets dull. If I use the same razor on day two, it will bump my face and/or my head after I use it. Gillete also changed there handle on there razor which I'm not happy with as well. If something is working why change it. I use to really love this blade even though it cost a little more than the other razors but now I'm looking fora replacement. Just sad."

joje says

"Gilletes products are expensive and nothing you need besides maybe pro glide for shaving your head. There it's pretty good and handy. On the other hand, for regular quality grooming and shaving there are alot better and pricy products like safe razors. Better results and alot less confusing standards."

Edu Marin says

"Good enough. After a shower it's perfect."

Gerard says

"Too many of us silently pissing away too much cash on P&G;s Gillette blades . 1-3 uses, then dull. quality sucks. Possibly 1000% profit margin. I\'m moving to straight edge"

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